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What we do and where?

Our activities are conducted in Or Lachinooch branches, which are located in high schools in Be'er Sheva, Ashdod and Arad. We chose the high school as our location to provide an opportunity for the mentee to become familiar with the high school (which typically includes the middle school as well) and its upper year students.

We have weekly activities in which the mentees and mentors meet at our branch for a variety of activities that include: "mentoring" activities tailored to the interests of the participants, group activities that are values-based, as well as trips and volunteer days in the school and local community.


It is important to note that during our activities, we do not focus on academics, tests, or homework, but rather on what interests the participants and what they enjoy doing! Participants in our unique mentoring programs develop self-confidence, a sense of competence[LBN1] , and social connections, as well as volunteer work in the community and social projects that strengthen their sense of belonging and connection to their community and Israeli society as a whole.

 [LBN1]I love this for מסוגלות !! In another page I wrote capability instead of ability and it should be competence!


Years Of Activity




Participants per year



מה עושים בפעילות?

Who are the participants in the program?

Who are the participants in the program?


Students in the sixth grade (ages 11-12) who are motivated to take part in significant activities in anticipation of a move to middle school and their adult lives.

Why sixth graders?

The transition to middle school is one we all remember – on the one hand excited anticipation, while on the other quite a bit of worry and anxiety: what will happen? How will I adjust to the new environment? Who will be my friends? How will I succeed?


It’s well known that healthy social relationships in elementary school and proper preparation for the transition to middle school can affect middle and high school experiences, and even adult ones. Therefore, we work to develop the abilities and skills of our mentees and prepare them for the challenges of this crucial transition.



Students currently enrolled in grades 9 through 12 (ages 14 to 18), who volunteer at Ore Lachinooch as part of their school's social activities.


After a comprehensive and professional screening process and training, mentors accompany the mentees throughout the year. At the same time, they serve as a leadership team in their respective schools and communities. Through their growing relationships with the mentors, who go to the highschool they will transition to, the mentees are able to develop social connections, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging even before the transition begins.



Students from local universities volunteer to manage Ore Lachinooch branch activities, as branch managers and training coordinators.

Our students typically live in the periphery of the country close to the branches) and seek opportunities for professional development, community participation, and significant scholarships. Our belief is that the interaction between mentees, mentors, and university students provides and  strengthens a sense of competence among all participants. It also promotes personal and social growth. The students of Ore Lachinooch are offered mentoring and professional guidance by the organization's Board of Directors members.


Assessment and Evaluation

After a year of activity - the school counselors and teachers stated that:

73% of the mentees are more prepared for the transition to middle school.

90% of mentees have significantly improved their relationship with their teacher.

100% would recommend sending sixth graders to Ore Lachinooch activities prior to the transition to seventh grade.

The mentees' parents stated that:

90% of parents report that their children gained valuable social and personal skills during the activity year.

100% of parents would recommend sending their children to Or Lachinooch mentoring program.


The mentees stated that:

77% of respondents indicated they were well prepared for the transition to middle school.

78% of respondents indicated they are participating in more social activities at school than in the past.


The mentors noted that:

86% report a greater sense of empathy towards others after one year of participation. 

91% are more committed to volunteering in their community and city

מדיד והערכה
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