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Country City

Instead of the usual categories, put other categories on the page, such as: player, female player, football / basketball team, national team, type of tournament, types of offenses and more.

Practice and get to know

Each in turn challenges the other, for example - do 20 push-ups / stand on one leg for 4 minutes / jump on one leg from floor to floor without lowering the leg, etc. With the challenger faced the challenge - alternate, if not - the challenger asks him a question (such as - what do you like to eat the most? Who are you more related to - mom or dad? Etc.)

Ball to the wall

Stand in front of the wall with each one a ball. The goal is to kick the ball so that it is very close to the wall (do it together at the same time). Whoever has his ball closer to the wall gets to ask the other a question from the cards. Accumulation of points and knowledge in sports.

Requires advance preparation

Ball trivia

Make tabs with questions, examples at this link.

Requires advance preparation


Prepare stickers when writing on each of them things related to sports (ball, goal, names of famous players, Muniel, etc.) and each time pull out a sticker and put on the other's forehead and should identify by questions of yes / no what is written. Alternatively instead of stickers, it is possible to make small notes when each time a couple takes each a note and what comes out in the note is the figure of the other and so on.

If I had a group

An activity in which we will daydream and imagine the sports team of our dreams -

In terms of technical data - what was it called? Where will she be? What will you look like? What will be special about her? Uniform design, anthem writing, drawing of the group's emblem.

Special sports in the world

Look for examples of different types of sports that do not exist in Israel - for example football / cricket / baseball and learn about them (videos can be seen).

The muscles in our body

Use the image and its way of learning - you can also incorporate a practical part into learning and learn about correct and incorrect stretching of the muscles by warming up or releasing


Get inspired by outstanding athletes, world champions or athletes who have won medals at the Olympics. Collect their inspirational quotes and talk about them. What did they mean? Why did they say them?

For example - Yael Arad, Michael Jordan, Messi, Ronaldo

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