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"Light for Education is a community based on the belief in the power of education and initiation... To shape personality, establish self-confidence and instill in young children the courage to dream."
Robbie Rivlin, President

Be meaningful and feel a sense of belonging

In our unique program, high school students mentor sixth-graders, in preparation for the transition to middle school. We place emphasis on strengthening the self-image, sense of security, belonging and ability of the trainees and mentors as part of individual and group activities. Our various branches are led by scholarship students in the positions of branch heads and training coordinators.

Who is the program for?


Who study and / or live in the periphery. We locate the individuals of virtue with exceptional leadership and educational abilities and enable them to gain real managerial experience (by managing the regional branches) as well as awarding them a significant scholarship.


Ninth-12th grade students (ages 14-18), volunteer at the association as mentors. After extensive and professional training, the mentors take responsibility and accompany a trainee throughout the year of activity along with being an educational leadership team in schools and the local community.


Sixth grade students (ages 11-12) with high motivation and desire to participate in a significant year of activity.


Years Of Activity




Participants per year



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The program works to develop and promote 10th, 11th and 12th grade students as mentors through pre-training and mentoring. On the other hand, it works to promote and strengthen the sense of belonging of sixth-graders by creating a meaningful social framework. Students are exposed to lectures, peak events, intensive activities and individual activities between mentor and trainee.


Iris, ORT School Social Coordinator , Arad


20190305_180146 - Keshet Berlinski Edri.

I learn a lot from my apprenticeship. You learn that in a few sessions you can feel real closeness. Learning to be a significant figure for others. After each of our encounters me and Shilat have a jar in which we write our dreams for years to come and also the experiences and lessons we learned from the encounter. It's really amazing!


Tair, mentor



I feel like I'm really going through a journey in the light of education. That we all go through a journey .. In this journey I discover a lot about myself - that I can be attentive to others, that I am able to be more open. I understand that I have the ability to make others happy and I want to use it all my life.





77% of sixth graders feel more confident in themselves and their abilities

The counselors and educators testified that 80% of the trainees are more ready to move on to middle school

84% of the mentors testified that the activity strengthened their empathy for the other

100% of the trainees' parents indicated that they would recommend other parents to send their children to light activities for education

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