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עמותת אור לחינוך מחוללת שינוי בחברה הישראלית על ידי יצירת תחושת משמעות, שייכות וערך עצמי בקרב ילדים ובני נוער מהפריפריה החברתית של מדינת ישראל. 


איך? אנו עושים זאת באמצעות תוכנית חונכות ייחודית, המשלבת חונכות אישית וקבוצתית , בה תלמידי ותלמידות תיכון חונכים.ות תלמידי כיתות ו' במטרה לחזק את תחושת המשמעות, השייכות והביטחון העצמי שלהם.ן. הפעילות מתקיימת בסניפים ובמוקדי הפעילות שלנו, הנמצאים בבתי הספר המקיפים, ומנוהלים על ידי סטודנטים וסטודנטיות במלגה. 


We invite you to apply for our unique scholarship program, which is based on three key components:

1. Personal development

Managerial and educational experience

Led by (in pairs) an Or branch for education during which you will recruit, train and accompany the participants in significant educational activities.

2. Mentoring

Personal professional guidance

From a senior manager in the business or public world - a personal and professional leap tailored to your measurements.



3. Scholarship

From 8,000 to 11,000 NIS

Directly to the bank account at the end of each semester. The scope of the scholarship is about six hours per week during the school year (September to June):

- Three hours of activity at the branch

- Three hours of preparatory work from home


Ready for a challenge?

The main points of the position in our scholarship:

- Weekly management of a branch that is completely yours!

Recruitment of trainees (elementary students) and mentors (high school students) and their training

- Managing relationships with schools and parents

Responsibility for content and management of an educational program

Important Information!

Before applying, make sure you meet the following criteria:

Bachelor's degree student at an institution of higher education

- Lives or studies in the area of our branches (Ashdod, BS, Arad)

- Owner of training, management and leadership skills - and motivation for it!

Availability for scholarships between the beginning of September and the beginning of June

Availability for a job entry workshop (two days) during August

- Available for 3 regular hours in the afternoon throughout the year


We work with students for many years, know how to adjust the scholarship to the exam period and want you to succeed.

The selection process includes submitting an application form on the website, a short telephone interview, a screening day and a personal interview.

The screening process began in May, and final answers will be provided by the end of mid-August (and even before).

We return an answer to every candidate who has applied for our scholarship.

We return an answer to every candidate who has applied for our scholarship.

We return an answer to every candidate who has applied for our scholarship.

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