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If I had a restaurant

An activity in which we will daydream and imagine our dream restaurant:

In terms of food - what dishes will be served in it? Menu construction.

In terms of technical data - what was it called? Where will she be? What will you look like? What will be special about her? Where am I inside the restaurant - what will be my role in it?

You can use Bristols and draw its symbol, write the menu and even make an advertisement.

Requires advance preparation

World food

You should choose flagship dishes from different cuisines in the world or food of testimony and pre-print photos and stories on each dish. For example - Persian rice - why is it called that? How is it prepared? What is special about it and different from regular rice?

Need to coordinate with the head of the branch

A surprise dish

Buying groceries, hiding them around the room - the trainee collects them all and has to make a dish out of his imagination.

Need to coordinate with the head of the branch

Dessert for the whole group

Chocolate balls + chef's hat: Prepare a chef's hat for everyone with the help of paper, scissors, glue, a plastic bag, a matchmaker and paints.

See an example in this video .


Requires advance preparation


Prepare stickers when writing on each of them things related to cooking (foods, names of cooking programs, celebrities, etc.) and each time take out a sticker and put on the other's forehead and should identify by questions of yes / no what is written. Alternatively instead of stickers, make small notes when each time a pair takes each one a note and what comes out in the note is the character / tool of the other and so on.

Wholehearted food

Looking together on the Internet for inspiring organizations regarding food distribution - for example: give. Or any food organization that operates in the field of corporate responsibility (contribution to society / environment).

For example - did you know that Ben & Jerry's buys all the brownies of their ice cream brownies from a factory that employs released prisoners and drug addicts after rehab?

Favorite culinary field

Desserts, entrees, special salads? What do I know about this field?

You can invent a food area that has everything I like to eat + special sandwiches - further to learning about the nutrients, make a table of healthy sandwiches that we would like to eat at school in the morning.

You can share the table with the whole branch.

the food pyramid

Fats, proteins and carbohydrates. We study the ancestors of our food together - we draw a food pyramid and the whole group can share it.

Requires advance preparation

what is missing?

Preparation in advance - everyone publishes basic recipes for all kinds of dishes from the Internet. The goal - every time you hide one ingredient that is most essential for preparation and without it it will not be possible to prepare the recipe - the other must guess what the ingredient is.


A little different country land game - City land games but instead of the usual categories you put other categories on the page such as: food, restaurant name, famous (chef for example), cooking utensils, type of food (Indian, Italian, etc.) and more.

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