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Be Meaningful

Feel You Belong

The transition from sixth grade to middle school is a major event in the lives of many children and teens. While it can be a time filled with fun, excitement and new experiences, for many children and their parents it can also present challenges and concerns.

In our unique mentoring program, high school students mentor sixth graders to prepare them for middle school and adult life. Our mentoring program helps participants, mentors and sixth graders alike, enhance self-esteem, improve their sense of abilities, and develop a sense of belonging to their families, schools, and communities. All of our activities take place in our branches, which are located in high schools and managed by university students.

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Our vision

A diverse and valuable Israeli society that offers every citizen equal opportunities for self-fulfillment. It is our belief that children and youth who feel included and meaningful will contribute to social change and increase the resilience of the Israeli society. 

החזון שלנו
"Or Lachinooch" is a community based on the belief in the power of education and mentoring. Beyond providing knowledge and broadening horizons,  it also shapes young children's personality, establish self-confidence and instill in them the courage to dream.
Ruby Rivlin, President of Israel,
May 2020

Who is the program for?

University Students

We seek outstanding university students with exceptional leadership and educational abilities to join the Ore team.  They are provided with the opportunity to gain real managerial experience at Ore’s branches and receive a dedicated scholarship for their studies. 


Teenagers in 9th-12th grade volunteer as mentors in Ore. Each mentor takes on the responsibility to accompany one of more mentees throughout the year while also serving as educational leaders in their school and  community.


Sixth-grade students (ages 11-12) who are motivated and eager to take part in a significant year of activities ahead of the important transition to middle school.

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Participants Share


Programs such as this foster a sense of civic responsibility among students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades and directly impact 6th grade children through its mentoring activities.  As part of the program, participants are exposed to group activities, peak events, and individual interactions between mentors and mentees.

Iris, ORT School Social Coordinator , Arad


I learned a lot from my mentee. I learned that in a few sessions you can feel a sense of kinship, be a significant figure in someone's life. Whenever Shilat and I meet, we keep a jar in which we jot down our dreams for the future and also the lessons and experiences we have learned. It is truly amazing! Tair, mentor at the Ramot branch


I feel like I'm really going through a journey. Each of us goes through similar experiences... Throughout this journey, I keep discovering a lot about myself, such as how attentive I can be to others and how I can be more open. I am aware that I have the power to make others happy, a power that I wish to use throughout my life. Ronel, a mentee at the Arad branch

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