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Or for Education works in collaboration with high schools and elementary schools. To this end, the association has the approval of the Ministry of Education (No. 2857) for an external educational program and approval of the series procedure from the director of society and youth of the Ministry of Education that allows high school students to volunteer in the association as part of social involvement.

Objectives of the program

A. Strengthening the self-confidence, sense of ability and belonging of sixth graders towards the transition to middle school.


B. Strengthening the value of long-term volunteering, contribution to the community, responsibility, professionalism and empathy after among the mentors and building a layer of leading and socially involved youth in the school and community.

Explanation of the activity

Our mentoring program takes place once a week, throughout the year of activity, at a branch located in the high school.

In the weekly activity we hold:

A. Mentor staff meetings.

B. Mentor-Apprentice Time c. Group activities.

In addition, tours, workshops and peak activities take place throughout the year.

Participating activities:

  • Mentors, high school students, volunteers in social engagement. The tutors undergo in-depth training and guidance throughout the year of activity.

  • Apprentices, sixth graders, who attend the elementary schools that feed the high school. The trainees are selected in collaboration with primary school counselors.

  • Scholarship students who run the branches as branch heads and training coordinators. Students undergo a process of screening, training and mentoring throughout the year.

Details of volunteer hours

9th-12th grades

About 10 hours

About 35 hours

About 35 hours


Theoretical training (mentor training)

Personal experience hours (as a mentor as part of mentor-mentor time)

Group trial hours (group activity)

Key topics in training students to experiment

Forming the team, knowing the values ​​of Or for Education, knowing the trainee profile of Or for Education, training tools and building activities, standing in front of an audience, dealing with dilemmas and challenges.


The target population for which the program is intended

The trainees :

Sixth graders attending the elementary schools that feed the high school. We locate the trainees in collaboration with school counselors.

Mentors :

Responsible high school students, with the motivation to lead and be a significant adult figure, show a willingness to commit to a year of activity, experience in coaching.


Ways of feedback, reflection and evaluation of student achievement

During the year, we conduct surveys, interviews and conversations with the participants as part of the measurement and evaluation system. Also, at the weekly staff meeting the tutors have space for discussion, deliberations, dilemmas and professional questions in working with the trainee.


Outline activity at Corona emergency

The association has a training system called "I am significant" that has been adapted for online activities. We conduct the individual and group activities on the Zoom platform under the management of the students, accompanied by the association's headquarters. We also act in accordance with the guidelines and directives of the Ministry of Education and local authorities in conducting activities in open areas on school grounds.



For more details you can send an email to


The program page on the Ministry of Education website

List of other approved institutions

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