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Our Story

A wonderful math teacher claimed "If you're good at one thing, stands to reason that you can succeed at anything you want." This was said to Lior Lapid, Ore Lachniooch's founder, when he was in middle school. Lior's teacher was aware of his abilities and skills - which were not necessarily in her academic field, but rather in another  . Specific subjects were less important than the impact of his connection with such a significant figure that provided him with a sense of capability and self-confidence, as well as a desire to dream and work hard.


Lior's experience and his teacher's words are the core of Ore Lachinooch  activity: getting a personal example from an impactful individual. Founded in 2004, Or Lachinooch began as an individual and group mentoring program in a small middle school in Ashdod. Within a decade, the program attracted hundreds of mentors and mentees every year, producing thousands of graduates of the program.

Over the years, Or Lachinooch has received several excellence awards that reflect the depth and breadth of its activities, as well as its significant contribution to participants and their communities:

הסיפור שלנו

Meet our people

Our staff

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-30 at 09.40.54.jpeg

Ortal michael haddad

Wooden Flower Vase

shir matana

               Director of Operation


Rotem krei

Director of Operation


Shahar Inbar

       Director of training development


שחר תמונה לאתר.jpeg

Shahar oren

Director of Operation


Maya Artzi

Director of the digital field (voluntarily)


הכירו את הא.נשים שלנו

Branch's Staff

צוות תשפד (1)_edited.jpg

idan, Branch Manager and
chen, Training Coordinator

Ashdod mekif a branch

אופק ושירה.jpg

shira, Branch Manager 
ofek Training Coordinator

Ashdod mekif vav branch

מאיה ומלני_edited.jpg

melani, Branch Manager and maya artziTraining Coordinator

Arad branch

IMG_9708 (1)_edited.jpg

dan,Branch Manager
shahaf, Training Coordinator

Makif Vav Beer Sheva


Shaked, the manager branch
Nathaniel training coordinator

The community anchor 


חיים ספאיה ראש סניף
שיר אזוריאל רכזת הדרכה

סניף טוביהו באר- שבע


מלי בן דויל ראש סניף
לירי כץ רכזת הדרכה

סניף מקיף ג' באר- שבע

שירן ורותם_edited.jpg

shiran, Branch Manager
rotem,Training Coordinator


Ramot branch Beer Sheva 


Eliad  branch manager
Gal Yehuda training coordinator

Oren Afula branch


אוריה קריאף ראש סניף
נופר מרדכי רכזת הדרכה

סניף דרכא קריית מלאכי 

חן ומאור.jpg

חן זוכוביסקי ראש סניף
מאור ימיני רכז הדרכה

סניף מקיף א' באר- שבע


michael,  Branch Manager
hany  Training Coordinator

Rager branch Beer Sheva


Yuval Yifrah branch head
Jordan Asher training coordinator


Ben Gurion Afula branch


אפרת לוי ראש סניף
אילנית שטו רכזת הדרכה

סניף מקיף ה' אשדוד 

Our Partners

We would like to thank all our partners: local authorities, businesses, philanthropic foundations, institutional entities, and content and activity providers. Thanks to our partners, we can offer hundreds of children, youth and university students a chance to make a significant step forward, fulfill their dreams and make a lasting contribution to society.

שותפים לדרך
שקופית שותפים לעריכה תמידית (1).jpg

Transparency and Audit

As a non-profit organization working for and supporting Israeli society, we treasure honesty, efficiency, and transparency. Accordingly, we have decided to publish on the website all the financial information of the organization, as well as its certificates and various relevant documents.


Ore Lachniooch’s audit committee  is chaired by Mr. Nissimi Naim-Naor. Mr. Naim-Naor holds a master's degree in law and a bachelor's degree in philosophy, economics, and political science. Each year, the association's financial statements are audited by an external accountant, CPA Rachel Sandarosi. 

שקיפות וביקורת

Board of Directors

Dani Harari.jpg

Dani Harari - Chairman

Former Commander of 8200



Dr. Lee-Bat Nelson

Strategic Consultant and Entrepreneur


Ayelet Ron-Amitai

Educational consultant and educator

ליאור לפיד - מיסד העמותה.jpg

Lior Lapid

Founder and CEO of ICRF


Uri Chen

Founder of Rakia and a social activist


Ami Kor

Entrepreneur, co-founder of the Sygnia company acquired by Temasec, mentor


Hila Shaul

VP of human resources,

Capital Markets Tower

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-10 at

Rachel Levy

Fromer CRS at Adama LTD


Boaz Danilov

Director of the Advanced Production Division in the Ministry of Economy

Our board is composed of 10 directors that  oversee all activities of the organization,  develop strategic plans and ensure the organization's financial well-being. Members of the Board of Directors are elected in democratic elections each year and meet at least once a quarter. All members of the Board of Directors perform their duties voluntarily, without remuneration or compensation for meetings.

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