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Image by Mark Thompson

On stage

Imaging in motion

(Activity for several couples) Participants move freely in the room (possible with music), when the facilitator says "Doom" or closes the music everyone stops, the facilitator announces a situation and everyone must perform it, for example: eat watermelon. You can also define some of the participants in the situation. When the music returns or it is said keep going back to the free movement in the room. You can also add a rule that requires everyone to play a situation while walking, for example: walking in the sand.

Tell me a story

Each participant must tell a familiar children's story to the other by pantomime only. Instructions such as telling the story on one leg or only lying down can be added (this can also be done on a familiar children's song).


According to A-B - choose 2 characters (for example: father and son, teacher and student, spouses, etc.) and a situation (for example: a meeting in a cafe, a lesson, etc.). Once the couple has chosen start the game when the goal is to have a conversation in the letters A and B - each in turn says a sentence that starts in the order of the letters. If you lose - start from the beginning.

The play in gibberish

Playing in groups (you can connect with one or two couples). The first couple creates a conversation when the speech is in gibberish and the second couple's goal is to guess the subject of the situation (a couple looking for an apartment, an attempt to return a product to the store, an explanation of what hairstyle I want, etc.).

Familiarity with pantomime

Each in turn tells about himself some detail (for example - I have a small dog / I am 13 years old / I like pizza, etc.).

Association game

Say a word or a sentence and a monologue should be built from it.

Build a show, can also be a segment of a monologue or dialogue (or something more complex in collaboration with other couples) and present to the branch.

If I had a band

An activity in which we will daydream and imagine the dance band from our dreams -

In terms of technical data - what was it called? Where will she appear? Who will dance in it? What will be special about her? You can draw the clothes and choose the music with which they will perform.


Building a dance on a particular theme that you choose together and can be related to the seasons / holidays or mood.

Movements and music

Different sounds are made and everyone has to adapt their own dance style.

Only hands

Dance only with your hands. See link.

Dance in pairs

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