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Who am I

Prepare stickers when writing on each of them things related to music (musical instruments, celebrities, singers, etc.) and each time pull out a sticker and put on the other's forehead and should identify by questions of yes / no what is written. Alternatively instead of stickers, make small notes when each time a pair takes each one a note and what comes out in the note is the character / tool of the other and so on.

A puzzle in songs

Preparation in advance - print a familiar song and cut each line separately. The goal - to be able to compose as many songs as possible in the order of the lyrics.

If I had a band

An activity in which we daydream and imagine the band or orchestra of our dreams - in terms of technical data - what was it called? Where will she appear? Who will play it? What will be special about her? You can draw the clothes and choose the music with which they will perform.

Create a song

Writing melody and lyrics to the song.

This is the song

Play the beginning of a song and need to be identified.

Emotions in sounds

Listening to a piece of music and saying how it makes us feel. Why do different sounds cause us different emotions? How can this be used to adapt the piece of music to the right situation? (E.g. in movies or songs). You can play the song "Nothing Sad" by Eviatar Banai which is with very sad lyrics but with a happy melody, and talk about this contrast.

Song of a letter / word

Say a letter from A to B, and you need to find as many songs as possible that start with this letter / word.

Creating a musical instrument

Creation with recycled materials Musical instruments (requires advance preparation of collection of recycled materials, for example - bottle, cans) + Mayumana / Te Re Ram band - what is special about them, you can also use the things around us to create music.

Attention and tools

One of them closes his eyes and the other moves away from him in the space where they are. Then, the second one makes sounds through phone links. The first one will have to guess the type of instrument from which the sound came out.

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