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Paper Craft



See examples in the following videos: flower , another flower , swan, frog and butterfly.

Mood drawing

Everyone should draw a picture that illustrates the feelings they went through today (joy / sadness / excitement, etc.). After they have finished painting, each one tells the other how he went through the day and what the painting means. (Suitable for first activities).

Dream Catcher

See link .

The game of paintings

(Activity for several pairs) Divide the board into several participants, each participant gets a part of the board and on it everyone has the same drawing of a shape, number or letter. Participants should turn the shape or number into as beautiful and interesting a painting as they can without erasing the initial shape. Whoever has his painting chosen by the others as beautiful, funny or most surprising wins.

Painting a person

Search for a famous internet one from the field of art, read about it, understand who he was and what works he had. Then try to draw together the famous or one of his works / another option: to draw each other or the head of the branch and the training coordinator.

The perfect picture

Try to create the perfect image. Go out into the yard, pick a specific area, arrange it, check the desired angle, relate to the light, and take the best picture. It can also be in the form of a competition between groups, or in a way that you decide in advance what to take (the most beautiful landscape picture, a close-up picture - for example, taking a close-up of a plant or flower, etc.).

Periods in art

Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, modern art, etc. - you can bring his print to paintings from different periods and try to identify or even make a memory game.

Drawing objects

Lay some objects in a certain shape and try to draw them. You can decide to paint as accurately and close to reality as possible, or to paint their general atmosphere, or to paint in a certain style (say in the style of Van Gogh's dots).

Emotions in paintings

Look at paintings and say what emotions they evoke? why? What did the painter try to convey? How can emotion be conveyed through painting or sculpture or any art?

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